Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Teachers know their students and their families, and are watching over them while on tour. In addition, we at CU are very much particular about the Safety & Security of the students and teachers travelling with us, some schools/institutes have specific requirements in terms of behaviour. CU provides this Code of Conduct but we expect that Group Leader, School/Institution authorities will supplement it with their own, more specific requirements. This must incorporate the rules set forth below which CU insists upon.

  • Avoid showing disrespect in any way towards religion, honor, or honesty, showing disrespect towards others, fighting, bullying or violent behavior towards others, swearing or using abusive language, littering.
  • All programmed activities are mandatory. If you’re sick or have a physical ailment that might prevent you from participating in an activity, you must tell your group leader, who should notify the CU Tour Manager.
  • All participants are required to be punctual at scheduled events. CU Tour Manager will not hold up the tour for people who are late and passengers left behind must re-join the tour at their own expense.

Note: Teacher/Group Leader
CU suggests that the Teacher/Group Leader makes atten­dance at all scheduled activities mandatory for their students.

  • No friends or relatives are allowed to meet students on tour, in unavoidable circumstances if you still want to meet your relative (30 minutes max.) you need to meet them in the presence of your teacher/group leader and you are not allowed to leave the premises. CU requires duly signed approval letter from both the parents indicating Name, Relation, Address and all other contact details of the person visiting you in advance. We also want a NOC (No objection Certificate) from school/institute authorities. We check the identity of the person coming to meet you. (CU reserves the rights to decline the meeting for the benefit of the group.)
  • The consumption of liquor is strictly forbidden.
  • Smoking is injurious to health and not allowed in most places / countries therefore it’s forbidden throughout the tour. If found smoking you are liable for penalty.   (In most countries smoking is punishable offence).
  • Hitchhiking and the driving or renting of any motor vehicle is strictly forbidden for all travellers.
  • Payment for damage done to hotel rooms, public property or to transportations etc. is your responsibility. If you notice any damage upon arrival at a hotel, you should notify CU Tour Manager immediately.
  • You’re required to pay for any phone calls or personal expenses incurred at hotels. These will be payable the evening before departure at each hotel.
  • You’re expected to respect the night restriction for your own safety and security. Your group leader may establish a deadline. Your group leader may decide to conduct room checks. Visitors or group members of the opposite sex are not allowed in your room. Participants who cause damage to a hotel will be expelled from the tour and returned home at their own expense or that of their parent/guardian if they are minors. They will also be liable for the cost of repairing the damage. (Hotels reserve the right to expel residents who disturb other guests.)
Note: Teacher/Group Leader
CU recommends strict rules regarding boys in girl’s rooms and vice versa, as well as a strictly enforced curfew to ensure that students have enough sleep and are awake and ready to go each morning.

  • Please take care of your valuable / personal belongings. Never leave valuables (cash, passport, jewellery, electronics etc.) in the room. (It is advisable not to bring / bought expensive items) CU nor its employees, channel partners are responsible for the loss or theft.
  • Shoplifting, possession of illegal drugs, fireworks or weapons such as firearms, knives and all other illegal activities will not be tolerated and are punishable by immediate dismissal from the tour. All costs to return home are at your own expense or that of their parent/guardian if they are minors. If the local authorities are involved, you will be subject to the laws of the country/state you’re visiting. CU will not provide any assistance to persons arrested by the police.
  • Students must not separate from the group unless they have their teacher/group leader permission and are accompanied by other students. Students should notify the Group Leader before going to washrooms etc.
  • On tour, you are responsibility of your teacher/group leader, you should obey your group leader all the time. Respect and cooperate with group leader, remember you are signifying your school / country, hence try to be well mannered – though you are. CU and its employees take full care of you and your essential necessities.
If you don’t follow any of these regulations, you risk disciplinary action and likely removal from the tour, returning home at your own expense. This decision is up to CU and/or the group leader.