Frequently asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions

Frequently Asked Educational Travel Questions

Comfort and Safety on Tour
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Comfort and Safety on Tour

What kinds of hotels does
CU use?
CU uses 3 and 4 star hotels that have good access to sights and transportation. Restaurants that the students will be visiting, are of top standard too.

Students typically stay in triple or quad rooms. Hotels are licensed and inspected by local authorities and CU also inspects them for cleanliness, quality, location, and overall suitability. They are not "student hotels."  Teachers and Tour Managers stay in the same hotels as students. CU staff and managers also stay in the same hotels we use for our groups when traveling.

When will we know our hotel information?
Confirmed hotel information will be available 30 days prior to departure. Almost all the hotels have websites.

What about special dietary needs/allergies?

Vegetarians, I don't like sea food and the like, is no problem. Minor allergies you can manage yourself are also ok. Serious, life threatening allergies are a problem given the many different restaurants being used. These issues need to be discussed with your group leader, who should notify the CU Tour Manager.

What kind of Tour Managers does
CU use?
CU Tour Managers are thoroughly trained. They are multilingual, highly educated, very well-travelled, passionate about the countries they work in, and passionate about working with young people. They are usually the highlight of the program!

What happens in an emergency?

While tours are in progress, CU can be reached 24 hours a day, both in India and overseas. A CU Tour Manager accompanies each CU program at all times and knows how to deal with minor illnesses, accidents, and so on. Tour Manager are in constant touch with our Regional Operations Managers abroad. The included travel insurance provides access to worldwide medical assistance, evacuation, and other services if they are required.

How do I contact my child while they are traveling?

Unless there is an emergency it's usually better not to, as calls home often bring on homesickness and can be very disruptive. You can contact school / Institution authorities to know more about group status or check our website or social networking sites for the latest updates about ongoing tours. Students can also opt for an International SIM card for overseas travel so they can be reached directly. (Please remember to check the local time first!)

Inclusions, Extra Expenses, Spending Money

What's included in the cost of the tour?

Please refer to the itinerary description and the inclusions section for exact details.

What's not included in the cost of the tour?

Please refer to the itinerary description and the agreement for exact details, but essentially: excess baggage charges, optional excursions and activities, hotel porter-age or meals (other than those we list as included). We also do not include items of a personal nature; such as shopping, laundry, room service charges, beverages or phone calls, local transportation in cities, (except on included activities), personal items, entrance fees other than as described in the itinerary, tips to your Tour Manager. (If applicable)

How much spending money should I bring?

You have already paid for your trip & rest we take care, but if you still want spend on your personal expenses, buy souvenirs, gifts etc. for your loved ones back home, it is recommended to bring what you are capable of handling. Remember you have to take care of your own personal belongings, valuables & you can’t complaint in case of lost or theft. (It is advisable not to bring / bought expensive items) CU nor its employees, channel partners are responsible for the loss or theft.

What is the best way to carry money?

You may take a credit card or debit card that can be used at international ATM machines (Do not share the PIN/Security number with anyone). Remember to check with your credit card company or bank to make sure your card will work overseas.


What is the food like?

You’ll have breakfast at the hotel every morning, which is usually a selection of cereals, toast, fruit, juice and milk. Lunch & Dinners vary from being at locations like a local buffet or casual dining restaurant. CU introduces local food to the students and makes sure that there is a variety of food and plenty of it! We choose places with lots of student-friendly options, so you’ll be able to find something you like.

Flights and Luggage

When will we know our flights?

30 days prior to departure. CU cautions that schedule changes occur VERY frequently, which can often lead to a completely new set of flights. Don't make any plans around these student travel flights until they are finalized, and even then, allow plenty of time for connections.

What size luggage can I bring?

The best guideline is that you can bring what you can carry yourself once around the running track and up the seats! CU tours do not include porterage. The best advice is to pack smart and bring as little as possible. Officially you may bring one medium sized suitcase (20" length X 28" height) and one carry-on bag (backpack, small suitcase).

What should I pack?

Please check CU Packing List guidance.

Passports and Visas (
CU International Programs)

What kind of passport or documentation do I need to travel?

A valid passport is required to travel overseas. If any traveller (student or teacher) does not have one, please make arrangements to acquire one immediately. Obtaining a passport can take several weeks. Passport forms can be obtained at your local passport office / passport seva kendras or visit WWW.PASSPORTINDIA.GOV.IN for all the information and forms you'll need. Indian national requires a valid Visa for most of the countries before entering it. CU will help you in getting Visa of the visiting country. (We do not guarantee a visa, that decision remains the right of the immigration officials of the country concerned.)

Other Questions

Will we travel with other schools?

That depends. A typical CU tour involves specific number of students if your school full-fill that requirement we are happy to take your school exclusively otherwise we have to combine your school with other school/schools to full-fill the requirements.

Can handicapped participants go on a CU tour?

Many destinations/places/sites/countries are not like the US and Europe, where most places are made handicap accessible. There may be some sites or activities where the traveller is unable to participate. CU will be happy to work with anyone who has mobility or other issues to try and make it possible for them to participate. We have to deal with this on a case-by-case basis but we are very motivated to make our tours accessible to everyone.