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In Association with Fly Canadian, we offers complete flight Training solutions including basic flight training, Advanced Airline Type flight training including Human factors, Crew Resource Management and Threat & Error Management.


With decades of combined Airline training experience, Our Aviation Academy is truly unique in its ability to offer a fully integrated Global Flight Training program leading to Airline flying as well as Innovative training courses to individual patrons.

For aspiring pilots mapping out a career with the Airlines, or for those who simply want to fly as a hobby, we offer all the training solutions you need.

Located in the city of Lindsay in Ontario, Canada. Fly Canadian is situated in an area of flat expansive terrain offering students the very best flying conditions and a comfortable training experience.

Flight practice areas are only 5 minutes' flight time away from the airport, making it the cost efficient and cost effective training. The only commercial operator at the airport which translates to minimal delays for take offs and landings. Aircrafts are usually air­ borne 5 minutes within engine start off.

We use the best time tested Cessna 152 & 172 aircraft for its primary training, in addition to FR and VFR flight simulators and piper twins PA-34 for advanced multi-engine training offering the most innovative and comprehensive portfolio of aviation training courses.

Our professional pilot course is a complete package of training that includes all you need to obtain your Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument rating. The package includes all books, Flight computer, Headsets and charts. We also provide student accommodation only minutes away from the airport, while conveniently located close to downtown Lindsay.

We are a transport Canada approved testing center where you can appear for most of your written exams at the school campus.
At the academy we will take care of your day to day needs while you focus on your flight training.

Conquer the World in Just 18 Months...

Particulars: Program is open for Individuals and Groups.

A valid VISA is required. (Exact passport and Visa requirements vary depending on the country you are visiting and your nationality)

We value our relations and looking forward to serve you; for complete information and quote please download Connect with us Form fill it and send it back. 


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18 Months

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Ontario, Canada

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