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Rural tourism will bring people of different cultures, faiths, languages and life-styles close to one another, it offers a broader outlook of life. It provides social contribution, cultural and educational values.

The life style of village is different from the metros or other cities. Even after the industrialization, most of the Indian population is engaged in agriculture. There are other people in rural India who earn their bread by various arts, handicrafts and couture and tourism. Rural Tourism in India gives employment and business opportunities to many people who are employed in rural sector. Because of its importance rural tourism of India needs more attention and support.

What can be better to indulge far from the civilization, and spoiling yourself in fresh air and spending nights under the sparking sky.

In the recent we observe a growing number of visitors who prefer green rural tourism. As they say: its better a nightingale in the wood, then a shark in the ocean. Jogging barefoot in the morning, the sunrise, the nectarous flavour the morning grass – nothing can compare to it. And you may find it all and ever more in villages.


“Past and present are together in peace and harmony. That is the way we see the future”


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